Webinar @ EMAG: Does it always have to be machining?

Webinar @ EMAG: Does it always have to be machining? Breaking new ground in production with Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM)

Wed, 04.11.2020 | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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Shaft Production - Scroll-Free Turning on VT Series Machines

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LC 4-2 Laser Cleaning Machine

for implementation in Manufacturing Lines or as a Standalone Machine

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Manufacturing System for Turbocharger

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10/05/2020 - Red Dot Award for EMAG: AI solution EDNA perfects networking of industrial production

The factories of the future are connected—in every respect: Machines...

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EMAG Group - Corporate Video

EMAG Group - Corporate Video

EMAG Manufacturing System for Electric Motor Shafts

EMAG Manufacturing System for Electric Motor Shafts

Manufacturing System for Turbocharger

Manufacturing System for Turbocharger

MIND-L 1000 - Induction Hardening of Wheel Hubs

MIND-L 1000 - Induction Hardening of Wheel Hubs

CNC machine tools, turn-mill centers, CNC lathes and CNC grinders for an enormous range of applications

Focus on innovative CNC machine tools

As a manufacturer of CNC machine tools the EMAG Group masters all the processes involved in the soft and hard machining of metals. EMAG draws on an enormous range of technologies to achieve this – from turning, drilling, milling, gear cutting and grinding to laser welding, heat shrink assembly and induction hardening all the way to electro-chemical machining.

From CNC turning machine to high-tech production system

Comprehensive engineering know-how forms the basis for production solutions offering the very highest performance. They include manually fed CNC machine tools, CNC turning machines, turn-mill centers, CNC grinding machines and much more.

Tailor-made CNC machine tools

The development of customized CNC machine tools is one of the most important factors in EMAG’s success. That is why flexible modular systems are used in many areas of application: CNC turning machines, grinders, turn-mill centers and production systems are specially designed using different technology and production modules. This aims to ensure that every single CNC machine tool delivers real quantum leaps in productivity.

CNC machine tools for all sectors

Furthermore, EMAG customers benefit from a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in the most varied industries and applications: its high-performance CNC machine tools, CNC lathes, CNC grinders and other production systems are used to produce gearbox and engine components in the automotive industry, drive components for the aviation industry, brake discs for the rail industry and pipes for the oil industry.

Comprehensive service for each CNC machine tool

EMAG’s global service network aims to be fast, focused and comprehensive. Service engineers operate worldwide to ensure that the quality and productivity of CNC turning machines, turn-mill centers and CNC grinding machines are maintained throughout their entire life cycle.